Sunday, April 07, 2013

Finding Gratitude

You can find it when you look for it.

The cob oven floor collapsed because of the foundation we built but . . .

It is a fun thing to knock down with a hammer, especially if you are pretending to be a minecraft dwarf . . .

And it is nice to imagine the new oven we could build in the summer! How much fun it will be to get our 

hands and feet in the mud!

I find gratitude for the clay in our soil, usually a bit off a curse to the farmers . . . 

But it is great for cob building projects.

And the garlic seems to like it just fine . . .

Besides, we can improve the soil with plenty of manure, which we have lots of.

I find gratitude for the abundance of poo! 

I find gratitude in this warm windy day. It might have blown some tin loose on the roof . . . 

But it was easily hammered back in place.

And it was a fine day for a bit of crocheting and hanging out with kids and trampoline jumping and farm 

working and garden puttering and food cooking and eating.

It is easy to find gratitude if you look!

Gratitude Sunday

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momto5 said...

you have found the good in a whole lot of maybe not so great. just wonderful! have a lovely week.