Friday, April 05, 2013

Some Days Are Just Like That

Some days are just like that. Some weeks are, too.

Some days you find time to do cool things with your kids, like make a rock candy experiment. I wonder when the crystals will form?

Sometimes your laptop does not want to work and it needs updates that keep you from looking at patterns and blogs and ideas.

But the time is well spent crocheting a new wash cloth.

Sometimes you reach for a measuring cup while getting ready to bake bread.

But then a cup seems to jump out of the cupboard and smashes your glass stove top.

My nephew told me that they make emergency kits for cars with automatic windows. They include a ceramic hammer because ceramic smashes safety glass. We seem to have proven this!

Some weeks seem tough because you burn the bread and get a speeding ticket and now you are achy from trying to stay at EXACTLY the speed limit.

But there is new dough rising and a big cup of coffee. There will be an evening of playing video games with the younger kids and tomorrow will be a day of book browsing and cafe mocha with the older one.

And I hear there is plenty of sap to make syrup so if all goes well perhaps there will be that?

That is just the way it goes sometimes.

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