Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Granny Squares, Crafty Books and Robots

Yay, it is time for another Yarn Along !

For the last couple of weeks I have spent some of my spare time looking at fun crochet projects that can be found out there in Blog Land. Everything looked so fun and colorful that I decided to break out my crochet hooks. I found a few free dish cloth patterns and got to work. It was not long before I realized how limited my knowledge of crochet really was.

When I was little my Mom taught me to crochet chains and single crochet. Over the years I learned how to make the Half Double Chain, the Double Chain and the Treble Chain, but I really never went beyond very simple scarves, purses and  hats.

I decided to start with Granny Squares. They are fun and easy and playing with color is great! I plan to try more challenging  patterns in the future. That goes for knitting as well. I have always played it safe and have chosen simple projects, but I think I am ready for some challenge. 

Okay, Granny Squares are not super difficult, but it was new to me. I look forward to trying new things!

I am reading two books right now. I am just finishing Handmade Marketplace, How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally and Online. It is a handy little book if you are just making your way into the crafting business. Lots of good advise can be found in this book. I would recommend it to folks who were brand new to the crafting biz. I found the chapters about online marketing really interesting! 

I am also reading more Isaac Asimov. The Robots of Dawn has my favorite robot, R. Daneel Olivaw and his human friend and plainclothes investigator, Elijah Bailey. They are heading out into the galaxy once more to investigate a crime. The crime involves the destruction, or is that murder, of a robot - the only other robot as close to human as Daneel himself! I am hoping to find more time to put into reading this one because I cannot wait to find out who dunnit!

  Lots of Hooky Fun!

There is a photo happening here? Why then, Mr Snuffkins wants to be a part of this!

So what are you reading and knitting (or hooking)?

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Anke said...

I like your granny squares a lot. Been thinking about picking up my crochet hooks instead of knitting needles. Granny squares may be the way to go...