Monday, October 16, 2006

Autumn Walk in the Woods


We began our Thanksgiving weekend with a visit with our friends Vickie, Kris and their lovely family. After the kids were settled in for the night we had a great evening of wine and hot tub and food! This time it was cold enough outside to really appreciate the outdoor hot tub. It was very comfy and relaxing!

The next morning we went for a walk in the woods behind their house. It was an absolutely fantastic perfect autumn day. It felt like the whole universe was bursting in yellow, orange and red. It was nice to finally have a day where there was not a cloud in the sky after so many endless gray and rainy ones.

We left for home early in the afternoon. It is a 3-4 hour drive (depending on traffic and constuction) but it was fun seeing all the colours along the way.

Our visit ended much too soon. We have been having such a wonderful time with Vickie and Kris. I am so glad that they are here in Ontario. I just love them! Posted by Picasa

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