Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Waterloo Royal Medieval Faire

We took the kids to another amazing festival this weekend. It was a medieval faire! We will definately have to make this an annual event for our family - it was so much fun! So much to see and do!

When we arrived a wonderful celtic band was playing at the bandshell. I was happy to see a maypole, even if it was the wrong time of year for it, lol! There were many people dressed up in full costumes, loads of vendors selling, fairy wings, armour, swords and so much more.

It was a very interactive event. Children could play 'seige the castle' games using medieval weapons such as miniture trebuchets, battering rams and those big wicked crossbow things that shoot arrows the size of spears.

We watched a small skirmish amongst the knights. We saw the King and Queen and we even saw a dragon, hee-hee! And of course there were the countless fairies.

I wish there were more re enactment type of events close to us. I can't wait until next year!

Here's a few pictures from the Faire. Huzzah!

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