Friday, December 05, 2008

A Story by Niki

Bloody Birthday Moon— by Nick

On Dad’s Birthday, February 20th, 2008 the moon as we know it turned to blood! How could this be? Well, that’s an interesting story. Sit down, shut up and let me tell you the story!

It all began with a cake. My Dad blew out the candles and then the room went dark. The only light came from the moonlight. We looked out expecting the sight of the full moon—BUT HALF OF IT WAS GONE!!!!!!!!! What happened to the other half. Did God take it? Did aliens think it was really made of cheese? Did they eat it??? No one knew.

Then when everyone else but the K family left the moon was replaced by a blood red sphere. So we went outside we looked at it, howled at it, threw snowballs and sticks at it and chased it.

Later we found out that it was just a Lunar Eclipse. We all felt really stupid.

The End.

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