Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Hike on a Warm November Day

We decided to take advantage of one of the last golden days of autumn earlier this month. I'm glad we did considering that it has looked more like winter in recent days.

I love this picture, we are all looking at the stream flowing under the bridge. The funny part of it is how Niki is leaned over so far you can't see his head. He kept his hat safe by putting it on his back, lol!

Willow running with her typically wind blown hair! This is the ruins at The Hermitage in the Dundas Conservation Area.

November sun hangs low in the afternoon sky.

Peaceful, Reflective Moments.

An apple tree, once part of a tame orchard is claimed by nature.

Joyful boy!

There are just so many uses for a stick!

The Sighting

Last Warm Days

Tree Hugs Rock

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