Thursday, August 07, 2008

Future Palientologist?

Hands on History!

Learning Together
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greencocoon said...

Hey kathy! Great pictures!! We were jsut talking about going to the ROM.
I saw your post about being at St. Jacobs! I'm glad it went well for you! I tried it earlier in the summer and found it was too much for me being at 2 markets. We are going to be in St. Jacobs this sunday..(something about chepa sewing machines being sold at the mill) maybe we'll stop by the market and see if you are there!!

kathy said...

thanks! i love the ROM. we did the 'whirlwind' tour - we tried to go through the whole museum in one afternoon. i think it takes much more than one day to do it justice! i still have to fix up and add more pics. i'll have them up soon!

yeah, 2 days would be a lot. especially saturdays, which start sooo early! and i live an hour and a half away. sundays are easier, lol! i'm not such an early morning person!

i hope you drop by! that would be great! i'm praying that the predicted thunderstorms pass us by! have fun shopping for sewing machines!

did you hear about john sebastion, country joe and canned heat playing in hamilton tomorrow evening? it's free too! (5 or 6 bucks for parking, i think) man, i hope the weather doesn't ruin it tomorrow!