Thursday, June 05, 2008

Patchwork Dragonfly Dress

Here's a sweet dress! The patchwork panels alternate from a medium solid purple and a blue/purple batik. The applique is a cute little batik dragonfly which is bonded and handstitched with blue embroidery floss.
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julia said...

Hey mama! this dress is so pretty! Your tie dyes are wonderful too! isn't it so much fun to do?

julia said...

I'm not sure why I come up without a link to my blog..but its

kathy said...

thanks julia! it's sweet of you to say that! yes, i'm lovin' tie dyeing, anytime i get a chance. life is so busy with 3 kiddos though (i guess you know that too, lol)that it's sometimes hard to find the time.

the next thing i want to make is 1812 reenactment clothes for myself and my girls (my boy isn't interested, heh-heh, not unless it was a computer game!) i bought some patterns at the reenactment of the battle of stoney creek last weekend. i can't wait to make willow a little pinafore, dress and pantaloons!

Fairies & Dreams said...

That dress is beautiful!!!

greencocoon said...

oo kathy I'd love to see your finished reenactment stuff!