Thursday, May 24, 2007

May has been a Busy Month!

Not much time to blog lately. May has been all about moving our hens from the barn where they are raised from day old chicks, over to the layer barn where we gather the eggs. So blogging and many other things have gone undone.

Well, there are a few things I've managed to accomplish. I have my garden tilled and ready to for nursery plants. This year I want to space my plants better so they are easier to work with when the get big.

I've also joined flylady, I always told myself I would never do that, but my house was getting so horribly messy I was desperate. Flylady sends me friendly email reminders, much like little post it notes, to help me organize my house without having to spend hours and hours at it. It's all about babysteps! And it seems to be working! My house is slowly emerging from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). The best part is it makes me feel like I can accomplish anything if I take it one step at a time.

I also joined another email group called Saving Dinner, which sends me a weeks worth of dinner recipes and a grocery list so I can get everything I need for the week without having to run back to the grocery store every other day. We were all getting tired of having the same 8 meals over and over again. Now we have something different every night. I'm also learning to enjoy cooking at last, at the age of 37! Cooking was Peter's area before. Now he can concentrate on his baking and I do the dinners (for now).

Summer's almost here! I'm looking forward to lots of outdoor time. Lately we've fallen into the habit of watching too much tv again. I don't know how it happened as we barely watched any for years. But it's crept back into our lives. I watch Lost, Battlestar Gallactica (dvds - a relative loaned us season 3. Gods, that's a frakkin good show!) and I've been watching Star Trek New Generation on dvd with the kids. I hope to get away from most of it this summer.

We are thinking of going out east at the end of August, but that will depend on money. I have my fingers and toes crossed!!! We need a REAL vacation!

My other summer plans is to start a new cob project. It will either be a hot tub or a green house. Probably the hot tub, because it is a much smaller project. The greenhouse might take years, lol! I'll keep the blog updated on that.

Next time I will try to post a couple of pictures of my latest patchy outfits. It's about time as one of them was my Yule outfit.

More soon, I promise!

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