Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Two of the triplets died. I can't figure it out. They should have been past danger. They seemed so healthy and the deaths were so sudden. One died on day 3 and the other died on day 5. This is the part that makes me want to get rid of the ram and just keep a few sheep for fun pets. No more lambs!

Of course it's the lambs that are the funnest part of raising sheep. But it's so hard at times!

It's such a struggle to keep lambs alive in the middle of winter, yet I let them breed at their own natural timing and this is when nature deems the most appropriate time for lambs to be born?! Makes you wonder how they ever could have survived in the wild. But I think that is a big part of the problem. These domesticated breeds aren't very like their wild ancestors. Perhaps I should look into raising a heritage breed. My neighbor raises Icelandic sheep. This is a much much older breed and so it is supposed to be hardier. I might have to go visit and see if we might buy a couple of ewes and a ram this summer.

We need to do something. I thought lambing would be exciting when we first started with sheep. It's not. It stressful and frustrating and just plain sad at times. Ugh!

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Joeymom said...

Hey, I just surfed in off some comments- sensible ones- you made on an autism-related blog... and I just wanted to say, I'm very sorry about your lambs. I hope the next round goes better for you!