Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Happy Birthday Niki!!!!!

My boy turned 10 years old on November 30th! Here's a picture of him playing 'babies' with Willow. He is so amazing with younger children and babies. And he's a great big brother.

Isn't he a sweet looking boy? He is going to be such a hansome man!

It seems like such a short time ago he was my brand new little baby. His birth was so sweet and easy, I was smiling the whole time. The whole pregnancy, I felt something magical was happening, like I was walking around on a slightly different plain of existence from the regular world.

He was the sweetest and easiest baby to have around. He laughed early and easily. He's still my bubbly happy boy. A true Jovial Jupiter Saggitarius.

Now I know that the magical presence I felt was his life force. He is my magical boy.


jeffrey & liane said...
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jeffrey & liane said...

Wow. Niki is 10? Does that make Josie 13? You guys have been parents for a long time. Doing a good job of it as far as I can see from way over here. Niki always struck me as being destined for stardom of some kind. He's just so charismatic and free. He looks like a young Brian Molko a little too!

majazama said...

he is a beautiful child. happy 10, niki!