Friday, February 01, 2013

Farmie Goodness

I'm joining Deborah Jean's Dandelion House for  Farm Girl Friday

How quickly I stopped my regular posting, but instead of making excuses, I should just continue on as if I had not disappeared for 3 months!

My oldest daughter eats a vegetarian and no dairy diet and on Saturdays when everyone else is having a take out night, Josi and I try to create a vegan treat for ourselves. My favorite was this lovely mushroom pie - oh sooo GOOD!!! We agreed that it must be the perfect Hobbit pie. Hobbit's love mushrooms!

Here's a link to the recipe we used yummy mushroom pie.

We modified the recipe by using the mushrooms we had on hand and the herbs and spices, too. We love rosemary and it was a perfect herb for our pie. It was one of the most earthy savory dishes I have ever made!

Every December and January we start new flocks of chickens starting with day old chicks. A nice cozy barn with  fresh wood shavings, heated to a drowsy 30 C and full of cheeping fuzzy cuteness feels like holidays to me! The icy wind may blow outside, but it's comfy and cozy and adorable just inside this barn.

Our newest winter flocks are settled in and growing bigger every day. And when spring arrives they will be ready to start laying beautiful brown eggs. This is one of my favorite things about farming!

Tell me about your farmie goodness!

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