Monday, August 27, 2007

Back From Another Great Vacation

We've been home for a few days now. The trip was great! I wish we could do that all summer long, every year. It's not so much the uncomfortable sleeps, the cold mornings, the rainy days outside or even the sunny days on the beach, finding really cool places for a hike or enjoying the drive on roads we've never been down. It's just so nice to escape everyday life! Not to think about money (well, not too much). Putting the brain on vacation mode!

Every year we start plotting and planning a way we could prolong vacation time, but reality just keeps hauling us back! Boo! We hate you reality. Go bother someone else and let me have my bank account that never runs out despite the fact that I've decided that work is lame and I find new ways to enjoy freedom!

Well back to the real life I must go. At least I got my tax situation cleared up and received a long awaited bit of cash. There are so many things we need to take care of that it will gone in no time. I did get to take the kids on a nice back to school shopping spree (I still hate to send them back. In my dream world I am also a super homeschooling mama, but I just can't seem to make that a reality either)

We're also getting a new minivan. I will have to post pics of the old van and the new van to really appreciate what a big deal this is, haha! All I will say for now is that it was looooong overdue, lol! It's a 2003 Venture, very new by our standards. We were accepted for financing which makes me feel like a real grown up at last (at the tender age of 38).

Peter and I are also planning to use some of the money for our business plan. I tell more about it later. It's very exciting and I feel like it's a time for action! I want to make more of the dream world a reality at last!

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