Monday, August 28, 2006



We just got back from our camping trip to Tobermory. This year we borrowed my parents camper van. I still haven't decided whether I like the camper van or tent camping better. The van is pretty expensive on gas. It's huge and awkward to drive at times. It's a bit of a tight squeeze for all 5 of us and I really miss the night sounds like the wind in the trees.

But the Cancer in me loves the shell of a home on wheels. I like the cupboards for food and dishes and the big closet so i can keep our stuff alittle organized. I like the table and counters. The kids love the table when we are on the road. Great place to play cards. And when the weather turns miserable, which it always does when we camp without fail, we are cozy and dry inside.

I'll have to think about whether we'll take it next year or not. Posted by Picasa

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