Monday, July 10, 2006

A Rural Summer


Here is the wheat field that surrounds our house. It's wonderful to see it change from green to gold as the summer progresses. I also love the way it resembles waves on the water on a windy day. I feel like my house is in the middle of a lake which delights the Crabby Cancer nature! If you look at the background closely you might be able to see the poor bare branches of our oak forest. The gypsy moths have been devestating this year! Luckily the caterpillars are now in their cocoon stage and are no longer feasting on our trees. The leaves are actually growing back and it looks like springtime!
This is Vickie and Kris's new house. Isn't it cute! Vickie and Kris just moved back to Ontario after 8 years in BC. They live outside of Owen Sound in a lovely little Amish community. There is a couple of Amish ladies who comes by in their buggy bringing homemade butter and pies and bread to sell to the neighbors. They seem to do quite well. The butter is fantastic. Peter is in heaven with this non pastuerized dairy product. Next time we will bring a jug and get some milk! Night time at our friends place is a little less ummmm . . . amish. It usually invovles wine and the hot tub!
Aaah, the local water hole. This is just a minute down the road from Vickie and Kris's place. Josi and Niki had fun watching the minnows. Later we found a crayfish. Vickie's oldest daughter Raewyn found a water snake!
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Here is Raewyn, Eillish and Sha'mn (sorry if the spelling is way off!) Vicki and Kris's lovely children. Somehow Hannah is not in the picture. She is such a funny girl! All the kids had a great day at the water hole. When we get together there are 7 children between us. It's chaos. But a lovely chaos. Sweet!

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